We are passionate about Italy and real estate!

Wim Peeters

Wim combines his passion for real estate with a deep love for Italy and the Italian way of living. Before founding Italian House Hunters with his partner in crime Jesse De Vlam, Wim worked for 20 years in a B2B environment as a Partner of a global privately held company.

Within Italian House Hunters, Wim focuses on creating an ultimate customer experience for its customers throughout the entire process of buying a home in Italy.

The purpose of Italian House Hunters is to find the right property currently available of the Italian market for each of our clients and guide them through the entire buying process in a smooth and secure way. We support our international clients in every single step of the process, from finding the right property all the way to the notary act, as we understand our clients want to focus on enjoying their Italian dream and want to rely on a experienced partner to help them to realize this dream.

Wim is a certified real estate agent and key-note speaker, know for his eminence about Italian real estate.

Jesse De Vlam

Jesse De Vlam is co-founder of Italian House Hunters. Being active in the professional communications sector for over 2 decades, Jesse has been passionate about real estate for many years.

Within Italian House Hunters, Jesse focuses on finding the right property for each of our clients. Due to his huge network of connections in Italy, Jesse always manages to find the property of your dreams.

For each of our clients we select 3-6 properties that we visit together during a 3-5 days viewing trip in Italy. During these trips we focus on presenting these properties, each with its pro’s and con’s, and give you a feeling of the Italian way of life. This way these viewing trips are an real-life example of how your Italian dream could look like.

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